.. but then I feel, what’s the point? There are many things, people, experiences that I have wanted. Ironically, when I get them.. it is never as I envisioned. Some things, I wonder if I’ll ever receive.. I criticize the importance of these things, but can’t help but feel jealous when others (even close friends) acquire them

Playing with my own hair cause shawty ain’t around to do so


There are rarely times when I do not feel like disappearing, not death exclusively, but just falling off the map. Living life as an unknown with good people around me who are not influenced by the superficial stuff we (I) worry about. Living life day-by-day, with my people, for my friends


The Weeknd - King Of The Fall

The loudest person in the room is the dumbest. Smart people are quiet and low key, because they observe and listen more than they talk.

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